Chat Guidelines

The only thing more fun than watching an event on PPV.COM is sharing the experience with fans from all around the world! In an effort to keep the chat section as relevant as possible to the event, we ask all users to abide by the following chat guidelines:

  • Do not post any hateful or derogatory comments towards anyone else in the chat or those participating in the event
  • Do not spam the chat with repeat messages (this includes technical issues)
  • Do not post any personal details about yourself or any other patron
  • Do not post messages about politics or current events that are unrelated to the actual event being viewed

PPV.COM will exercise a zero-tolerance policy if these guidelines are not followed. Users that do not abide by these rules will have their chat privileges revoked immediately. PPV.COM also reserves the right to moderate users negatively impacting the chat experience with messages that do not fall under the guidelines above. 

Any questions about this chat policy can be directed to 

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